Bandwidth Speed Test

Tips For Ensuring An Accurate Test

1. Ensure you have a proper signal. Residential subscribers with indoor modems should have a minimum of three (3) lights illuminated on the modem. If your modem does not have three lights illuminated, try repositioning it to obtain a higher signal level. Visit our Residential Connection Support page for instructions on how to align the modem, or contact Beamspeed for assistance.

Subscribers w/ outdoor modems: Please contact Beamspeed to esure proper signal levels.

2. Connect your computer directly the internet connection. Optimal network performance is usually only achieved by physically connecting a single computer directly into your broadband modem via Ethernet. Once you're connected directly via cabling, test your connection speed again. If your speed test results are still below 80 percent of your subscribed bandwidth service, then contact Beamspeed for troubleshooting.

3. Ensure no other programs are using bandwidth during the test. Close or pause any programs which are using Internet bandwidth, ie: email, chat programs, other browser windows / tabs, software updates, etc. This helps to ensure an accurate test because the testing software does not have to contend for bandwidth with other network programs.

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